Ogbogu, it was exactly one year ago that you left us. We went to your grave yesterday and it was a bit sad. We were all there. Of course, your beautiful wife, Agnes, was there with your four lovely children. Your children are growing up so fast. Neville is such an intelligent young man.  Angel is growing is growing up to be such be such a beautiful young girl. She has your face. The little ones, Neugent and Allethea, are getting so big. I see you in all of them.

Mom cried, but she is always strong. Dad on the other hand was a mess. He cried the way he did when we first lost you, one year ago. I worry about him. Maduka misses you and cried too. Agnes and the kids shed tears, but were strong. I was sad because I miss you. I had such plans for us, but they were all cut short. I still sometimes forget that you are gone. I started writing this blog because of you. I had to find a way to deal with the loss of you and sharing my feelings by writing, helped me get through the pain. I didn’t cry yesterday. I’m sure why I didn’t cry. Maybe because I’ve been living with all your pictures and your videos for the past year. I have the cover of your DVD on my work desk and look at you everyday.

I wondered whether there was something wrong with me because I didn’t cry and everybody else did. I watched everybody and thought of you, but the tears didn’t come. Your loss motivated me to speed up the formation of the Champion Spirit Foundation. Hundreds of kids will thrive because of you. I work so hard on the charity because I want to make you proud. We have made such huge strides in Nigeria and I feel that you are watching over us and opening all doors for us.

Today is your day. We are getting ready to go to church this morning for a mass booked for you. We will then return to the grave to spend some more time with you. I’m looking forward to it. It’s been a year, but we all still miss you so very much. Rest well brother. I miss you and love you.


Ngo Okafor

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