Its Monday morning. its Martin Luther King day. I lay in bed for a few moments reflecting on Dr. King’s life and legacy. what will my legacy be? i start to worry. We have all been through it – Worrying ourselves nearly to death over something that usually never happens and things that are out of our control. Here are five tips to eliminate or either help you reduce anxiety and quit worrying!

5 Ways To Quit Worrying:

1. Get Busy: Do not sit in idle mode with your thoughts running rampant. Do something productive. Try reading a book, go dancing, exercise, go on an outing with the family, and or watch a funny movie or television show. Find a good distraction. Quit Worrying.

2. Listen to Music: Good positive music is such a wonderful thing and most often it relieves you of all anxiety and worry. Let the melody of a great song take you to another place and escape the stressors of the moment. Let the music move you, relax you.

3. Meditate and Pray: You must find time to relax and for many there is no better way to accomplish this than through prayer and meditation. Practice inhaling and exhaling. With each exhale, feel the worry and anxiety leave your being. Release it. No worries. If you pray, quit worrying.

4. Be Thankful: When worry starts to show its ugly head, immediately begin to be thankful. Count your blessings. Shift your thoughts. By shifting your thoughts, you will shift the atmosphere. When you shift the atmosphere, your reality changes. Be thankful and know that whatever may be, you’re more than equipped to handle it. Quit worrying!

5. Have a GOOD CRY: Yes that’s right, CRY! Get it out. Let out all those pent up emotions and anxiety. Ever wonder why after a good cry you seem to feel much better? Well it’s simply because you’re releasing stress and worry. Don’t keep your emotions bottled up. Get them out- remember the old saying, “There’s more room on the outside than the inside.”

By Ngo Okafor
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