“I believe that love that is true and real creates a respit from death. All cowardice comes from not loving or not loving well, which is the same thing. And when the man who is brave and true looks death sqaurely in the face, like some Rhino hunters I know or Belmonte, who is  truly brave, it is because they love with sufficient passion to push death out of their minds until it returns as it does to all men. And then you must make make really good love again”

The quote above is from the film ‘Midnight in Paris’ by Woody Allen. I came home early yesterday evening because I injured my right hand while sparring yesterday. I sprained the knuckle on the middle finger of my right hand as I threw a punch. I felt it happen, but continued for a few more rounds and even did a few rounds of drills. The fact that it happened to my middle finger made me happy because it meant that I landed the punch correctly.  When I was finished and pulled my right glove off, my knuckle had swelled up to more than twice it’s normal size. This injury is very painful, but quite common for fighters. It’s hurts like hell to open my hand and typing this blog is extremely difficult, but I have to suck it up in order to remain consistent with my blog.

This leads me to the topic of my post today. My blog today is about consistency. Come what may, the key to success in any field is consistency. Due to the fact that my hand was injured yesterday, I decided to make it a movie night. I chose ‘Midnight in Paris’ by Woody Allen. I’m usually not an Owen Wilson fan, but he was perfect for this role. Watching him in this film made me feel as though I was watching a younger, better looking Woody Allen with all the characteristic neurosis to boot. Great casting! If there were a picture next to the definition of consistency in the dictionary, Woody Allen’s would be it. When you watch a Woody Allen film, you are guaranteed an amazing story, a great cast and beautiful shots in each and every scene. He can shoot a film in London, on a dark, dreary winter day, and make it look beautiful. I have seen several Allen films and I’m yet to be disappointed. THAT MY DEAR FRIENDS, IS CONSISTENCY. I had visited Paris a few years ago and was not a big fan, but the color Woody Allen created with ‘Midnight in Paris’ was so beautiful that I wanted to go back Paris.

I work hard to maintain a similar level of consistency with everything I do, be it blogging, staying in shape as a male model and for life in general, and boxing. This is the only way to truly be the best. STAY CONSISTENT MY FRIENDS!!!


Ngo Okafor

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