The weekend is over…already…DAMN!!! This was such a short weekend. Even though I had many events to attend, I made sure to stay away from the halloween craziness. People always use Halloween as an excuse to act crazy! I must say that I got plenty of rest though, which was a huge goal of mine for the weekend. All the running and workouts I did last week, takes a toll on the body and without rest, would have been wasted. I feel very strong. No tightness and no soreness.

This week, I intend to run 6 miles on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday and thursday, I will do a series of sprints in addition to jumping a lot rope. Immediately following each cardio session, I will do boxing technique work and then lift some weights (time permitting of course).

I will also tighten up my nutrition this week. I will cut back on carbohydrates and junk food this week. In addition to that, I intend to make time to eat breakfast every morning, no matter what. Breakfast is the cornerstone of all healthy living. I always feel great and have superb energy throughout the day as long as I eat a good breakfast. For breakfast, I usually eat 4 eggs with sausage or 4 eggs with oatmeal. When I have a project coming up and need to be leaner, I eat the sausage instead of the oatmeal in order to keep my carb intake low.

On the work front, I have scheduled meetings all week to ensure that my trip to Nigeria is successful. I have also set up production meetings for my film production company as well as creating videos which will market my initiatives and me…of course.

What are your goals for the week?


Ngo Okafor

The Most Downloaded Black Male Model and actor

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