Don’t be a woulda-shoulda-mothafucker!!!! This is what my good friend Charles Sapp told me that his high school football coach would always say when guys are getting ready to quit on the football field. Everybody loves a champion. A champion is not always the winner of the contest, but the person who gave it their all. The person who was willing to die to win. If they happen to come up short, everyone loves them, just as much as the guy who won.

Nobody wants to hear about all the things you want to do. Nobody wants to hear about all the dreams you have. They want to hear that you have a plan. They want to know that you intend to make these dreams come true. That is inspiring. Dreams are not inspiring. Working to make those dreams come true is inspiring. Stop getting ready to get ready. Get out there and work on making your dreams happen. That is what true living is!!!

When I decided to do my documentary, ‘Three Rounds’, I wanted to share the story of my intention to win a second Golden Gloves Tournament, against all odds and how acheiving my dream of playing sports at a high level has changed my life and the lives of others. It gave me extra motivation to train harder than I did the year before, because I was stepping up in class. I was stepping up to the open division which is basically pro level. Most of the guys who fight in the open division turn pro shortly afterwards. Doing the documentary pushed me to work harder because nobody wants to see a film about a loser. So, on the mornings that I felt tired and lazy, I would remember the documentary and drag my ass out of bed and go running.

Pursue your dreams, no matter what. Life is worthless if we don’t allow ourselves to dream. Dream big and work hard to make those dreams come true. For those people who dwell on all the reasons why they can’t acheive their dreams, cry me a deep, long, river!!!!

By Ngo Okafor

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