NYC Subway on a Sunday Morning

This blog is a perfect example of the intersection of the beauty of technology and the sometimes annoying conditions on the NYC subway system.

I’m writing this blog on the D train, using the new WordPress app, which I just installed on my phone. I’m on my way to run and workout with my friend, Tommy Boyer.  I thought that since this is a Sunday morning, I would be able to sit on the train and write in some peace and quiet, but NO, not this morning. Silly me!

There is this little girl sitting across from me, who won’t shut up. Her poor older brother and parents look like they would give anything to, poof, disappear! She has been talking, non-stop, for nearly 20 minutes.

As if that were not enough, the train doors opened and four tween-age girls enter the train and proceed to talk and laugh at the top of their lungs. The noise was now in full surround sound! Thank God I packed my Ipod. There’s nothing like a Rick Ross track to drown out all outside noise.

And so I continue to write. For my workout this morning, I intend to run 4 miles in addition to Squats, lunges, situps and leg-raises, with some sprinting mixed in. This is a great way to fire up the metabolism on a Sunday miorning. This type of training gets your mind in the game and ready for Monday.

As annoying as these girls are, I commend them for getting out and moving around. Get out there and do something!!