I really need to take my own advice, every now and then. I was feeling sick yesterday. My head felt stuffed up, my nose was runny and stuffed up and my eyes were itchy. I was feeling all these symptoms of a bad head cold, but because I hadn’t worked out since friday, I ignored them all and tried to kill it at the gym. There is a big difference between getting a sweat in the gym and fighting through a tough workout. But me being me, of course I did the latter. I ended up running 4 miles on the treadmill, followed by a bench press-bent over row-abs superset. One of the trainers at Peak Performance NYC designed a piece of training equipment, which can be used for presses (which works out your arms and chest), rope pull (which works out your arms and back). I used that peice of equipment as well to round-up my workout. Shout out to Jose Perez for designing and building such a cool piece of equipment. It was a tough workout, but I pushed through it.

It was not such a good idea due to the fact that I was not at my normal machine status!  I was not able to bounce back the way I usually would. Once my body started to cool, I started to feel worse. My nose got more clogged up and my head felt more stuffed. I couldn’t breathe out of my nose. In an attempt to warm up, I took a 30 minute shower under hot water. I got home about an hour later and started to feel flu-like symptoms. My joints were hurting. My elbows, and my lower back felt sore. My skin felt all tingly, I felt feverish and my eyes felt warm. Damn!! I could not afford to have the flu. I have so much lined up this week, that I could not afford to be really sick. A cold I can handle, but the flu would put me down for a few days.

So I ate dinner and took a dose of NyQuil. That is one powerful drug. I’m not a big pill popper, so last night was the first time I had ever taken NyQuil. I passed out!!! Within an hour of taking the pills, I was out cold. I woke up this morning feeling much better. Most people usually get worse because they feel better and mistake that for being well. Will I be one of those people who go out and think that they can take on the world, even though they are not well? That remains to be seen….


Ngo Okafor

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