Ahhhhhh….It’s saturday and I want to sleep all day. It always starts out that way, but it never ends up working out that way. I was up late last night watching HBO’s Boxing’s Best of 2011. I kept rewinding specific moves and combinations to make sure that they were ingrained in my brain. While the fights were on, I was multitasking. I was working on my website. I always try to figure out creative methods to promote and market ***see, just did it again***. Every instance of a website or word in a blog or an article gets archived by all the major search engines. This is a secret to all who are looking to promote themselves online. Consistency is the key to the successful promotion of any big brand.

‘The Most Downloaded Black Male Model’ is a brand. To become the most downloaded black male model, one not only has to constantly shoot new pictures, create and upload videos that are stimulating and then set up a website that holds all these images and videos, it all has to be promoted relentlessly. Blogging is a great way to promote yourself and get your ideas out. I started writing my blog to help me deal with the pain of losing my brother, but then I discovered that I’m a pretty good writer, which is why I continued to write. The writing in turn has helped build great traffic to my site. You cannot depend on talent alone. Even though I’m a good writer, I have to consistently post new blogs for returning visitors to read. Fresh content helps increase the ranking of websites on search engines. Consistency is the key to success in promoting a brand.

The images that you upload to the internet have to be the best images that you can create. You have to look at the competition and see what everyone is doing. The images you upload have to better and constantly stronger than everyone else’s. People have to know that when they look at your images they will either become inspired or look to copy it. Don’t select images because your mother likes them. Mom loves you and will love everything her baby does. You have to be extremely critical of your work. That is the only way to become the best.

People and technology will never let you down. If you give people the content that they are looking for, aided by the proper technology, people will not only come back to the site, but they will come to depend on your site for daily inspiration or entertainment. Keep hustling!!!


Ngo OKafor

Black Male Model Actor

African American Black Male Model Actor