Male Model Ngo Okafor on the beach

Male Model Ngo Okafor on the beach

Writing can be a challenge at times. I’m sitting at my desk, but the words are slow to come.  So, I’m  just going to sit here, push these keys and hope that something good comes of it at the end. This weekend was more eventful than most because I got to perform in an Opera on saturday. It was so much fun. I didn’t sing in the Opera, but played a key part in it, which included being in certain state of undress. The women loved it, the undress I mean. The guys were inspired by it…I hope. I got to kick some ass as well.

The show was a dinner style show at the Tuxedo Park Lodge. The audience was close to us. I’m sure they felt as though they were in the show. As a matter of fact, some audience were called upon to join the certain parts of the show. It reminded of one of the shows that a speakeasy. I’ve been watching the Prohibition documentary on PBS, so excuse my excitement about speakeasies. The other performers were seasoned veterans but had never performed a dinner style. It was fun for all of us because there was a lot of improvisation because the piece was designed for a stage, not a dinning room. I was happy that I allowed myself to experience and be a part of this show. I always thought Operas were long and painfully boring, but now I see that are beautiful and the music will blow you away.

I never knew that a place such as Tuxedo Park existed. Tuxedo Park is in the town of Tuxedo which is about an hour drive upstate New York. It’s a small village of a little more than 700 people (using the census figures from 2000). It’s a very beautiful place. It’s kinda Sleepy Hollowish. I wish I could shoot a movie here. They have their own school, church, bank and they even have their own mayor. Kinda cool.

Now I have to open myself up to the 6 miles that I have to run today. I usually don’t listen to music when I run, but I think that I need some Lil’ Wayne and Rick Ross to get me through the run today. I will keep you posted on how my workout goes today. Hmm..the blog was not so bad after all!


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