Go on with your bad self A-Rod!! Many people think that working out is the only requirement for fitness. That is far from the truth. Exercise in combination with a strong nutrition plan is the key to fitness success. A-Rod of the New Yankees is no exception to this rule. He is on a very strict diet and will not allow eating or travel get in his way of acheiving his fitness goals.

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Alex Rodriguez, A-Rod, is considered one of the best all-around baseball players of all time. He is the youngest player ever to hit 500 home runs, and the youngest to hit 600, besting Babe Ruth’s record by over a year. Rodriguez has fourteen 100-RBI seasons in his career, more than any other player in history. On September 24, 2010, Rodriguez hit two home runs, surpassing Sammy Sosa’s mark of 609 HRs, and became the all-time leader in home runs by a player of Hispanic descent. In December 2007, Rodriguez and the Yankees agreed to a 10-year, $275 million contract. This contract was the richest contract in baseball history (breaking his previous record of $252 million).

The Yankee’s Alex Rodriguez was reportedly seen bringing his own meal to  lunch with girlfriend Torrie Wilson at the Mondrian Hotel in Florida.

The  NY Post reports that the slugger is following a high-protein diet  for spring training in Florida, so he packs a cooler of food to bring out. He asked the waitress to heat his homemade meal in the kitchen. It pays to be A-Rod. Most other patrons wil be shown the door for making such a demand.

Wilson, in the meantime, had chips and guacamole. I don’t think that guacamole was on A-rod’s diet, so more for the girl!

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