I just came across this Picture on Facebook today. It was called of ‘Three Nigerian Girls Posing Nude’. Upon a second look, it is actually the same girl dong her rendition of See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil. As an artist, I have no problem with nudity as long as it is done tastefully. I think the human body is beautiful and a work of art by God, so why should we hide it or be ashamed of it?

I think that this girl beautiful. I don’t care if she is American, British or Nigerian. Beauty is Beauty. We must embrace our beauty. We must love ourselves. We must promote our beauty. If we do not, no one else will.

The person that posted this image said that the comments from the original post have been 90% negative. This is what he said, “Do you think Africans have a double standard when it comes to nude pictures…Lets face it, when Americans or the British pose nude most Africans call it Sexy, Hot, and Creative, and when Africans pose nude  most Africans view it in a negative light”. What are your thoughts?


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