I just came across this Picture on Facebook today. It was called of ‘Three Nigerian Girls Posing Nude’. Upon a second look, it is actually the same girl dong her rendition of See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil. As an artist, I have no problem with nudity as long as it is done tastefully. I think the human body is beautiful and a work of art by God, so why should we hide it or be ashamed of it?

I think that this girl beautiful. I don’t care if she is American, British or Nigerian. Beauty is Beauty. We must embrace our beauty. We must love ourselves. We must promote our beauty. If we do not, no one else will.

The person that posted this image said that the comments from the original post have been 90% negative. This is what he said, “Do you think Africans have a double standard when it comes to nude pictures…Lets face it, when Americans or the British pose nude most Africans call it Sexy, Hot, and Creative, and when Africans pose nude  most Africans view it in a negative light”. What are your thoughts?


Ngo Okafor

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  1. Same old naija Mentality and Also your calendar Also generated Same negative comment Back then…..but very Soon that will Change

  2. kenneth says:

    Their is nothing bad in posing nude if the people you are posing it for will understand the message. In Nigeria or Africa as a whole women could dress half naked depending on the occassion. Like before marriage, even now in South Africa, women dress half naked or pose naked before marriage. The body of a woman, in Africa should be only for the beholder. So, If posing naked is frowend upon in your area, then who are you posing for? Nobody will get your message.
    In Europe and developed world you can pose naked, cause over their, they will understand your message and it is their way of life. But let me stress it here, posing naked in the media is not civilisation. Thanks

  3. If you look good, healthy and well toned there is no problem, like the lady on this picture she look amassing the only problem is body that is not good looking you know what am talking about! that type of people should not expose their body…..

  4. I’m of d same opinion with you bro’ there is noting wrong with ur post….. The problem we av in Africa is dat we don’t tends to belief on our own tin always looking 4ward to emulate from d white

    • Chris O says:

      Our culture is not permissive and we appear to be more religious than the foreigners who introduced religion to us,besides we tend to accord respect to a” Womans Dignity” when she does not flaunt her sexuality.Those apart then comes the issues of Africans and morality,we associate morals to almost everything we do.We adore these beauty in the dark but will not admit it in the open but to quote William Shakespeare in one of his works,Macbeth, ”To visualize what the eyes does not see is the paradoxical aspect of the mind”,nay The African and posing nude.

  5. Of course Ngo, we have double standards, the bar of sexual morality is higher for an african, for someone from western civilization, the attitude is like “wateva” cause in our minds, they have lower standards.

  6. Sunny UK says:

    As far as am concern i don’t see any thing wrong in posting naked picture, it depends on the kind of message the person is trying to pass out, it also depends on how you understand it. Secondly once the body is neat it ok by me.

  7. Myron Primes says:

    It all comes down to a HISTORY of mind games and repeated brainwashings.Meaning white is RIGHT, BLACK is bad. PEACE!

  8. My first thought before reading was that it was the same girl. Alot of people do not understand art and the fact that behind every artwork, there is a story. As long as it is for a cause, there really shouldn’t be anything wrong with it. Many of Nigeria’s most celebrated photographers have shot nude works that are way more provocative. But then, it’s a free world and everyone has a right to his/her thought.

  9. koudeha john shina says:

    you are very right that we appreciate fereign nude pictures and we conderm our own african girls posing nude which i regard as a heart of greedy mind………….

  10. nigerians are damn hypocritical about stuff like this. i just joined agroup on facebook called sexlifein9ja and the comments there would make you sick.

  11. the whites are stupid 4 them to go nude, we blacks respect God n by so doing, we don’t mis-use the body wich is the temple of God.

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