Ngo Okafor Launches FitMatch, A Social Fitness App In The App Store

Diverse Girls FitMatch

Diverse girls for FitMatch

FitMatch  is  an  exciting  Yelp-meets-Tinder  social  fitness app  which  makes  connecting with like minded  fitness lovers easy, fast and fun. Created by New York based celebrity trainer and fitness expert Ngo Okafor, FitMatch is designed to enhance the social aspect of working out and make it an enjoyable activity.

Whether you’re in need of a spotter, running partner or swimming buddy, FitMatch makes it easy to connect with people in your area, using geolocation technology. In addition to meeting people, FitMatch can also be used to locate gyms, fitness classes, studios and outdoor training spots in your area, making it a convenient app to use while traveling or to find a new workout spot in your own neighborhood.

Ngo Okafor FitMatch Creator

Ngo Okafor FitMatch Creator

Ngo  Okafor  is  a  two-time  Golden Gloves  Boxing  champion and has parlayed his boxing experience into becoming one of the top  celebrity trainers in New York City. The New York Post, Muscle & Fitness Magazine, and many more have named Ngo one of “New York’s Hottest Trainers”. Nike also took notice, signing Ngo as a chapter leader for its NIKE+NYC Training Program.

Studies show that those working out with a partner, exercise 200 percent longer than those doing it alone. Armed  with  this knowledge, Ngo has now created FITMATCH, the perfect app that connects like-minded fitness lovers.