Lather, rinse, repeat is a phrase that is a common part of the instructions on shampoo bottles. It is sometimes also used as a humorous way of saying that a certain set of instructions should be repeated until an explicit or implicit goal is reached,.

The quote above is the metaphor for success. Repetition…repetition…repetition! Before I get to that, I have to get you caught up on the events of yesterday. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I have family in town. My mom and my aunt were given tickets to the DR. Oz show by my cousin, Ify. They were so excited to attend the show and see DR. Oz that they made sure to arrive at the studio, nearly three hours before the taping of the show begun. As a New Yorker, you don’t find these things exciting because you see celebrities everyday and over time, numbness to celebrities sets in. It was actually refreshing to see their excitement. I’m always happy to see people get excited in life. I feed off that. To continue, they got in to the studio and sat in the front row. So exciting!! When the taping of the show was over, their dream came true; DR. Oz hugged them!! I joked that they would never show again. They got home to mu place, chilled out for a little while and passed out.

I was not tired at all. I was watching Kobe Bryant single-handedly destroy the Phoenix Suns. Kobe exemplifies the quote above. After a disappointing loss to the Miami Heat last year, his teammates got themselves cleaned up after the game and others for the after party scene. Kobe stayed on the court for a little over two hours, shooting jump shot after jump shot, re-perfecting his game. NBA players and reporters watched as he practiced, by himself, at the American Airlines Arena. Kobe has been known to make, not take, but make 700 to 1000 shots each and every day. That’s not counting how many he has to take in order to make 1000. That right there is the reason why he is the player in the world right now.

I went to the boxing gym yesterday with the intention of making my right cross (the straight right hand punch), better. My right cross is my finishing punch. I throw it when I want to end a fight. Most of the time, when it lands, it changes the nature of the fight. My opponent has to change his entire game plan which gives me the advantage. I wanted to make it better, sharper and smoother. I want it to be so smooth that mu opponent doesn’t see it coming. I got to the gym, warmed up and worked on punching technique for nearly two hours. I wanted to throw hundreds of right hands in order to make it perfect. Nothing is ever perfect, but I want it to be as close to perfect as possible. By the end of the training session, it looked really good. It was sharp. I feel that a few more weeks of working on it in this manner would really make a huge difference.

Whatever it is that you want to do in life, lather, rinse, repeat will definitely get you close to greatness. It does not only work with exercise or sports. To get abs or to stay as a male model or just purely for health reasons, repetition speeds up the process of mastery. Reading, writing or even knitting are perfected by lather, rinse, repeat.  Give it a try.


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