Hooray for starting the week off right. I had so much running around to do yesterday for the charity and for my trip. After my afternoon meeting, I had to run all the way across town to the FEDEX office to mail a package containing marketing materials to Nigeria. When I got there, I found out that the office was closing early due to the Halloween parade. I had to run over to another office in order to catch them before they closed. By the time all this was done, it was 5pm and I was exhausted. I still had to go to the gym and get my running done. 80% of working out is accomplished by just showing up to the gym. So, I showed up. I got on the treadmill as quickly as I could to make sure that I don’t run right back out.

Once on the treadmill, I knew I couldn’t get off before completing my 6 mile run. Once I started running, all the tiredness went away. So much of this mental. Once you shift your mind to focus on doing something as opposed to how hard that thing will be, then it feels so much easier. The run felt great. It didn’t feel hard at all. I never thought I would be saying this. I ended up running 6.5 miles in under an hour. I felt great. My body felt so light. I used to have problems with tightness in my hips, but running this distance, helps loosen up my hips. My quads feel better than they have ever felt. I feel stronger and sharper than I’ve ever felt. It just goes to show that when you open yourself up and try new things, great things can happen.

Today, I’m going to do 15 sprints on the Woodway Force at Peak Performance NYC and then jump rope for about 30 minutes. After that, I will do my boxing technique work followed by strength and conditioning. It took a while, but I’m finally clicking on all cylinders. I’M GOING IN!!!


Ngo Okafor

Black Male Model and actor

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