Thank God it’s Friday. I’m so ready for the weekend. I was up at 4.30am everyday this week, so my days were extremely long. Since I was up so early, I made sure to get my workout done early. That was one good thing about waking up early. I don’t have the opportunity to procrastinate. When I workout later on in the day, there’s always that possibility that I might defer it to the next day. I would just do more of a workout the next day to make up for the lost day of working out. Not this week though!! I didn’t miss any days.

I was so excited this week because on Wednesday, I finally did it!! I ran 6 miles; I did  a 10k. Someone reading this might say that 6 miles is not a big deal, but to me…. HUGE. From hating running when I was fighting to now, I feel that I have grown so much. I wish I had run more when I fought. Even though I won my fights, running would have made them easier. Anyway, back to the 6 miles. I did it in 58 minutes. It was tough, but I knew that I would be extremely happy if I pushed myself to do it. Afterwards, I had some energy left, so I did a step up/plyo-leg press/deadlift combo. I did 4 sets of this routine. I then went over and did a Leg press/Leg curl/Calves raise/Sit-up combo. I did only 3 sets of this routine because I started rto run out of gas. I was so happy. I finally conquered a barrier. My body felt so light. I could float away.

Today, friday, I ran 6 miles on the treadmill. It was a little more difficult than running on the track because I set my speed at a slightly faster pace than I had run on the track on Wednesday. I completed the 6 miles in 52 minutes. Much faster than I did on Wednesday. Now I’m curious to find out how fast I can do it on monday.

I intend to run 6 miles on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I want to this so that 6 miles will eventually feel like a walk in the park. A great fighter once told me that in order to build world-class cardiovascular endurance for boxing, he would run a 10k everyday. I thought that it was crazy, but I’m close to doing it. Look at me, the skinny kid from Nigeria, about to reach world-class cardiovascular endurance. Very cool, for me anyway. That in itself is a major achievement for me. Not to mention how lean all this running is getting me.

Hard work pays off and IF YOU HUSTLED HARD THIS WEEK, SHINE ON!!



Ngo Okafor

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