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If you treat your abs like an after thought, they will look like an after thought.

Good morning all!! It’s Sunday morning, which means that another week has come to an end and another week is set begin in a few hours. Sunday is a great day to reflect on the week past and plan/get ready for the new week. My Sundays are usually spent researching ideas and articles on varying subject matters and then write about them. Today I’m going to write about how to get sexy male model abs. I don’t have to research this topic because I live it….everyday.

Abs are the key to being successful as a model. It is especially important for someone who has a desire to become a fitness model. Abs are the ultimate measure of fitness. Ripped abs shows that you have put in the work in the gym and you have discipline to eat healthy in order to get lean. In order words, it means that you are in beast mode!!

When you walk to into a modeling agency, seeking to become a fitness model, the first thing the agent will ask is for you to take off your shirt. This request is not personal. They are not trying to put you down. The truth is that if you do not have ripped, sexy abs, you cannot work as fitness model. PERIOD!!!

In this blog post today, I will share how I got my abs to become more muscular and ripped. Contrary to what many people may say, you have to treat your abs just as you would treat any other muscle in your body. You have treat your ab muscles just as you would your chest, biceps or triceps. You have to work them hard. Many people do not train their abs until the end of their workouts and then they wonder why their abs do not grow and get ripped. If you treat your abs like an after thought, they will look like an after thought.

I will share one example of my workouts in this blog today. This way, you will get a chance to try this routine without getting overwhelmed by information. When you have tried it, please write back and let me know how you fared with it. I will share more workouts shortly, so stay tuned.

No matter what movement or body part(s) that I’m working on for each day, I begin every workout by doing 20-30 minutes of cardiovascular activity on a treadmill, bike or jumping rope. I then move on to abs, before lifting any weights. To start, I do side planks for 45 seconds on each side and then I do 60 seconds in a regular plank position. After this, I move over and do the weighted rope crunches-leg raises combination. This means that I will do a set of weighted rope crunches and then go over and do a set of leg raises, without resting. The rope crunches work the muscles in the mid to upper region of the abs and leg raises work the lower region of the abs. See the pictures of the exercises below. My goal for working my abs in this routine is to get my ab muscles stronger and make them more dense by using heavy weight on the rope crunches. I would not suggest using heavy weights on leg raises because the lower ab region is weak on most people and may cause abdominal or lower back injury.

The workout is as follows:

Weighted Cable Crunches:

1 Warm up set followed by 4 Sets of 8-10 reps

Leg raises on an incline bench:

1 warm set followed by 4 sets of 10-15 reps

Stretch out your abs and then move on to your movement/body part lift for the day. ENJOY!!!

Ngo okafor male model doing abs @peaknyc

Ngo okafor Black male model doing abs @peaknyc













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