I cleared my entire schedule today in preparation for my visit to the Nigerian embassy. I’m taking a trip to Nigeria to make my dream of rebuilding the amateur boxing program in Nigeria, come true. While there I will shoot the entire process as the final piece of my documentary, ‘The Triumph of The Will’.

It is not as chaotic or as extremely crazy as it usually is. Today, the line is actually moving, people are not trying to cut in and the embassy employees are working hard to give fair service. Usually, once you step in the building housing the Nigerian embassy, you have to leave all your American ideals. It’s completely chaotic.

I haven’t been home, to Nigeria that is, for 18 years. I’m sure that things have changed so much since I left. Many people tell me to prepare myself, mentally. It will feel like a strange place. I intend to make change when I get home, but how can I make change in a strange place. I have my ideas, but if they are not accepted, the ideas useless. There’s only one way to find out and that is to take this journey. It is truly exciting and scary at the same time. That is what I live for!! What’s the point of living if I can’t conquer my fears?

The footage from Nigeria will be amazing. Not only will I be able to bring my story full circle, but I will be able to share the beauty that exists in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.


Ngo Okafor

African American Black Male Model Actor

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