I woke up a few hours ago from such a deep sleep. I passed out last night, shortly after I came home. I think I passed out at about 11pm. I tried to stay up for as long as could, so that I wouldn’t suffer the effects of jet lag. It worked. I don’t like being slowed down by jet lag, so I make sure that once I arrive in a city, I sychronize my sleep to match that city in order to make the sleep transition easy. It was so cold last night. I can’t believe that within 24 hours, I went from warm and tropic to frigid amd miserable. It’s all good though. Nobody said that life in the trenches would be easy.

I have to get back into my routine of eating three meals a day. While in Nigeria, I would eat breakfast and most of the time, skip lunch because we had so much running around to do. Later in the evening, we would sit down for a big dinner and drinks. This routine is not ideal for building muscle. If you are working out, you have to take in enough calories in order to support muscle building. In order to keep my metabolism firing, I have to eat at least 3-4 meals per day. You never want your body to go into starvation mode because that it causes it to store fat. I definitely was not doing that and that is why I lost 4 pounds. I’m happy that I lost weight instead of gaining weight though. I can always put muscle on by eating more food. Besides, a slimmer me is a leaner, more defined me. I’m happy either way. I don’t stress my weight, although I have to say that if I have a shoot, I work to stay leaner. I do like to keep my weight at about 201 pounds for boxing. I don’t want these young guys thinking that they can push me around.

That said, I’m going to eat breakfast and then head to the gym. Today will be my first full workout in NYC. I’m dreading it a little bit because I know that it will be tough. No pain…No gain!! That’s what they say. I will try to remember that when I’m kicking my own ass. I will also train with my boxing trainer at some point today. No rest for the weary!! What’s on your agenda for today?


Ngo Okafor

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