Ngo Okafor Schott NYC ad on billboards nationwide

Ngo Okafor Schott NYC ad on billboards nationwide

After my rest day, I had showed up yesterday, monday, at the gym ready to train hard. I worked out at Chelsea Piers in New York city. I got a membership at Chelsea Piers because the many exercise options. Chelsea Piers has a full indoor track, a boxing ring, three basketball courts and an olympic sized pool. Even though it’s a major pain in the ass to get all the way over to it (it’s all the way on the west side highway), when I do get there, it’s a lot of fun. So much stuff to get into. You can probably spend the entire day there. There is also a bowling alley, bar and movie theater.

Yesterday, I ran two miles at a fast pace. I then went over to heavy bags and did several rounds of technique work. I’ve been working on a way to make my right hand faster and sharper. Luckily, there was a trainer in the ring that was willing to do pad work with me. I quickly obliged. It is important to do pad work because no matter how much you hit the bag, you cannot work on your timing and distance, by hitting the bag. The person doing the pad work can also spot mistakes in your technique and offer adjustments. He pushed me hard for 4 rounds and I loved it. We worked on several combinations and speed. It had been so long since I worked on the pads, so I was exhausted. The running and boxing took about an hour and a half.

I then grabbed lunch. I ate plate of chicken and rice and a salad. I’ve never been the healthiest eater, but I have to get leaner, so I have to eat my veggies. After lunch, I went to the boxing gym and did some drills and calisthenics for and hour. You don’t have to train as intensely as I do, but you have to train in order to achieve results. I have to say that if you want to be the best, you have train harder and more efficiently than everyone.



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