It’s been a stressfull couple of days. Sometimes I feel like I’m doing all this preparation for the trip to Nigeria all by myself. I understand that no one can take on such a project without the help of others, but DAMN!! No one understands what it takes to make a project of this magnitude run smoothly. There are so many little peices that have to move for it to work.

People see the finished product and think that it’s easy. They don’t see the hundreds of phone calls, walking, running and lifting that go into it. Thank God for giving me the strength to carry it all.

I just have to focus and run my 6 miles three days a week and doing my strength and conditioning. That helps keep me sane.  Yesterday, I did 8 sprints. I did the sprints on the Woodway Force. I ran 100 yards in 22 seconds, 8 times, with a rest of 60 seconds in between. It was brutal, but that is the way to be a champion. NO PAIN…NO GAIN. I won’t be able to write everything that happened with my workout because I have to run to my rehearsal. I’m going to be in an Opera. Yeah I said it…AN OPERA. I’ll tell you more about that in my next post.