While I was sweating my butt off in a spin class at Fly Wheel Sports in NYC on Saturday, I looked up at the screen and saw that a girl in the class was pushing her power output dangerously close to my max power output. I couldn’t allow that to happen because men have more muscle and are generally heavier and stronger than women, so men should produce more power….right??……WRONG!!!

I was chatting with a male trainer at Peak Performance and he believes that group fitness classes should utilize heart-rate monitors in order to make sure that participants in the classes are working hard. I told him that each bike at Flywheel has a digital display which measures the total power output acheived by each participant in the class. The digital meter pushes everyone in the class to work hard to improve their final power output number. The male trainer countered this point by saying that men and heavier people are supposed to generate more power.

I contemplated this conversation for a quite a while. I later attended the Peak Performance Trainers’ and family party at a Bowling alley in NYC,  where the trainer’s point was put to the test. At the Bowling party, I created a different kind of competition. Once I discovered that the speed of the bowling ball could be measured, it was on!!! The competition shifted from hitting pins, making strikes and spares, to who could throw the bowling ball the fastest. It was so much fun!!!

But, back to the point at hand. The trainer, with whom I had the power conversation, got in on the competition and so did the biggest trainer at the gym (Peak Performance NYC). The trainer in question weighed about 175 lbs and the biggest trainer weighed about 245lbs. At the end of the competition, the 175lb trainer was able to throw the bowling ball faster than the 245lb trainer. Even though there was an astounding 70lb difference between the two guys, the lighter trainer was able to generate more power becasue he had better technique.

I believe that technique will destroy size any day. What are thoughts on this conversation? Feel free to share your ideas and thoughts here or on Facebook.

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