When life hands you lemons, bite down and make lemonade

I was feeling a bit down because of the injury to my left arm. I was so frustrated because I throw 80% of my punches with my left arm. I throw a ton of jabs and left hooks. I didn’t want to lose the momentum that I had gained over the past month of training. I didn’t want to lose another week or more of sparring. I went in to the boxing gym yesterday and when my trainer saw my heavily bandaged arm, he said “hell no, you can’t spar today”. I pleaded with him to let me spar. I felt that I could just throw my right hand and work hard on defense. After several minutes of pleading, he finally agreed.

My sparring partner, Dave, was only going to throw punches with his left arm. It seemed awkward at first because my left arm was just dangling at my side. It hurt so much whenever I tried to pick it up. After a few minutes, I adjusted and we both went to work. It was great for Dave because he got to work on throwing a lot of jabs and left hooks, which he doesn’t do in regular sparring. I got to work on perfecting my right hand. I threw crosses, uppercuts and hooks, all with my right hand. I usually necer do this much punching with my right hand, but this type of training will sharpen my right hand. When my left arm heals, I will much better and sharper.

We sparred for 5 straight rounds with no breaks. That is a total of 20 minutes of non-stop sparring. That my friends is a lot of punches!! My balance while throwing got better because I had to pay attention to it. Dave’s left hook got much better as well. It was a win-win for both us. I could have stayed home and felt sorry for myself, instead I went out and turned a negative situation into a positive one.

When life hands you lemons, bite down and make lemonade. That’s the only way to survive. We must maintain a positive outlook on life. Everything happens for reason.


Ngo Okafor

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