PLEASE…PLEASE…PLEASE…I am obligated to begin this post with this disclaimer. Guys…I only say ‘DON’T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER’ when it comes to business, acheiving career and life goals. When a girl says no to you, NO means NO. OK, now that we got that out of the way, lets move on.

To survive and succeed in the entertainment business, you cannot let anyone tell you that you cannot do something. You cannot take no for an answer. When I decided that I was going to compete in the Golden Gloves, many people in my life told me that I couldn’t do it. My friends told me that I was too old to compete. They told me that the younger guys who have been boxing their entire lives were going to kill me. Some of the coaches in the boxing gym would laugh at me when I started boxing and they told my trainer not to waste his time with me. Whatever their reasons or motivation for saying the things they said, they had nothing to do with me. I believed that I had something to offer. I believed that I could work hard and win. I didn’t care what all those people said about me. It hurt to hear it, but I used it as fuel for my fire. If I ever felt tired and not in the mood to train, I would remember those people. I would remember their laughter. I would remember their negative comments. That would make me get up and run or hit the bag for a few more rounds.

The same thing happened with modeling. Many people including agents told me that I wouldn’t make it. They told me that I was too muscular and too tall. They said that I would not be able to fit the clothes. Once again, I knew that I had what it took to make. If one man…or woman can do it, so can I! When I was selected for the Wall Street Journal Magazine editorial, I was so excited. It was huge. I was selected over Roy Jones Jr. When I got to the WSJ office, they looked at me, saw the muscles and felt that I wouldn’t be able fit the suits they had. I told them to just hand me the jacket. They reluctantly did. I proceeded to slip into it without a problem. They all looked shocked. I then put on the pants and shocked them even further. They didn’t have to tailor my suit at all. They had to tailor the suits for all the other guys. After nearly 10 years on top of my game, they are all “fans of my work”. They all become fans of your work when they can’t knock you down. They have no choice but to join you.

Check out the Wall Street Journal Magazine image-

Ngo Okafor male model in the wall Street Journal Magazine

Ngo Okafor African Male Model Actor in the wall Street Journal Magazine

We have to believe in ourselves or else no one will. Once you belive, your body has no choice but to follow. The same goes with exercise or work. Once you want to change your life and become better, everything and everyone will follow. NEVER TAKE NO AN ANSWER



Ngo Okafor