Since saturday, I’ve been asked a hundred times to express my feelings regarding the Floyd Mayweather  vs Victor Ortiz fight. As you may know, Floyd knocked out Ortiz with a legal left hook-right hand combination. I found an article that best decribes the events as they unfolded that night. It was written by Dan Rafael of


By Dan Rafael,

For the last time, Floyd Mayweather’s fourth-round knockout of Victor Ortiz was perfectly legitimate and well within the rules of boxing. If anyone deserves a public flogging, it shouldn’t be Mayweather. It should be Ortiz, who got what he deserved.

Ortiz is the one who blatantly broke the rules by intentionally head-butting Mayweather in the face (cutting his lip on the inside and outside) moments earlier, and then he failed to show the smarts to realize he’s in a fight, not a lovefest.

Referee Joe Cortez properly called timeout and deducted a point from Ortiz. While he was doing that, Ortiz hugged and kissed Mayweather on the cheek. So the kid was apologetic, fine. But then Cortez clearly restarted the fight. Not only did he motion the fighters together as he has always done, he can audibly be heard on video of the fight saying, “Let’s go.” As in, let’s go fight. Yes, Cortez momentarily looked away to the commission table, but the fight was on at that point. Cortez could have had his eyes closed or been looking up at the lights. It’s irrelevant and a red herring. The fight was on and the boxers need to be ready. Ortiz wasn’t. That’s on him, not Mayweather.

While Ortiz was standing there trying to touch gloves with Mayweather again, and was peeking over to Cortez, Mayweather was ready to fight and punched Ortiz twice in the face — left hook, right hand — and knocked him out. That’s what he is supposed to do, what he is trained to do.

This is a fight, regardless of how many times Ortiz wanted to hug it out after committing a deliberate foul. All Mayweather did was finish what Ortiz started. Had Ortiz not purposely butted Mayweather, Cortez wouldn’t have had to call timeout and never would have had to bring them to the center of the ring to restart the fight.

Ortiz was in over his head when the contract was signed, and he was being taken to school for the first three-plus rounds. Then he showed his true inexperience when he made the rookie mistake of letting his guard down against one of the smartest fighters ever.

If you’re upset with anyone, be upset with Ortiz for breaking the rules intentionally, not for Mayweather’s perfectly legal blows. Why should Mayweather have shown Ortiz the respect to wait for him to be ready to fight when Cortez had already restarted it? If you purposely head-butted me in the face, I dare say respect is pretty much out the window at that point.

Besides the intentional butt, Ortiz had used his head throughout the fight. He also rabbit-punched Mayweather regularly, resulting in a giant knot on the back of his head, which he showed me after the postfight press conference. Mayweather clearly was in no mood to be a nice guy after the butt. I don’t blame him.

Besides, I’d rather see Mayweather whack Ortiz with a combination that perhaps was not delivered in the best sense of sportsmanship than watch Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley touch gloves ad nauseum.

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