MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Christmas fell on a sunday this year. That’s two reasons for people to go to church today. I haven’t been in church in quite a while now. I feel that at this stage in my life, I have built a relationship with God that no religious institution can define. I grew up heavily Catholic. I was actually an alter boy when I was growing up in Nigeria. I loved being a part of the church and serving at mass. It was a performance. I guess I never realized that performing was in my blood.





I think back to Nigeria today and I remember all the people who did not have the means that many of us take for granted today. I think back to the kids I visited at the boxing gyms in the neighborhoods that nobody wanted to go in to (my camera crew was nervous about going to Mushin, in Lagos, where one of the boxing gyms was). There is a parallel with this situation here in the US. There are poor kids everywhere. There are poor kids in bad neighborhoods here in America and I just hope that they all have something nice happen for them today, to let them know that its’s Christmas today. It’s supposed to be a happy day for all, but somehow , I think that it isn’t for many. While we are busy obsessing over what gifts we got or didn’t get for christmas, there are others who may not even have a meal. As the saying goes, “Without bread, all is misery”.

One way to make it a happy day for all is to make sure to give to the needy this holiday season. It will make you feel better and make a difference in the life of the needy person.


Ngoli Okafor

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