Message from the founder of Champion Spirit Foundation, Ngo Okafor:


Champion Spirit Foundation will provide safe and positive facilities in Nigeria, where young boys and girls can exercise and learn the art of boxing, free of charge, which will keep them off the streets, teach the benefits of hard work, focus and raise their self-esteem.


The Champion Spirit Foundation was founded in order to help combat the problems caused by idleness in children in  Nigeria. The benefits of having your kids play sports are well documented: It keeps them physically fit and active, encourages sportsmanship and team play, and teaches them some valuable skills. But the advantages don’t stop there; keep in mind that every minute he is playing sports is a minute that could be spent doing something far less productive. Many sports provide valuable avenues for keeping your kids out of trouble.

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We intend to build boxing gyms, train coaches and ultimately help rebuild the amateur boxing program in Nigeria. Inspired by our fearless leader, we will set up the Nigerian Golden Gloves and give young athletes a chance to represent state and ultimately, their country. This competition will build pride and instill healthy competition in our kids.

Boxing/Martial Arts facts

Although signing up your trouble-prone kids for these sports might seem counterintuitive, disregard that notion. Oftentimes aggressive youths need outlets for their emotions, and combat sports provide an excellent venue that is controlled, supervised and officiated. They are not for every kid, but don’t fret about boxing lessons or a judo class. Your kids will likely come through with a much better grasp of their body and their aggression.


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