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Ngoli Okafor- Black Male Model and Actor

About Ngo Okafor

If there is one motto that defines the life of Ngo Okafor, it is this: anything is achievable, if you are willing to fight for it.

A modern day renaissance man, Ngo (pronounced En­Go) has built a thriving career in no fewer than four fields. He is a two­time Golden Gloves winning boxer, the most downloaded black male model of all time, a successful film and television actor, and the go­to personal trainer for some of the fashion and entertainment industries’ biggest stars.

Ngo has risen to the zenith of each respective endeavor due to one unshakable truth: he never stopped fighting. And he never will.




Ngo has been called one of the quickest studies the boxing world has ever seen. He first stepped into the ring at the relatively advanced age of 31—a time at which most boxers are already hanging up their gloves. But Ngo immersed himself in the sweet science with the same fierce dedication he applies to everything else, ascending to the pinnacle of the fight world in record time. Within only a few years, he had already earned amateur boxing’s highest distinction—the Golden Gloves Championship—twice.



An accomplished model, Ngo has lent his chiseled good looks to shoots with supermodels like Gisele Bundchen (in V Magazine) and musical luminaries such as Mary J Blige and Lil Kim (for MAC Cosmetics’ Viva Glam campaign). He has appeared in over a dozen issues of Men’s Health Magazine, produced two best­selling calendars, and has been featured in publications such as Vogue, W, ESPN, Fortune, and the Wall Street Journal Magazine. He currently holds the title of the world’s “most downloaded black male model.”



But looking good on camera is just the beginning. Ngo is a seasoned actor, having appeared on hit television shows such as “One Life to Live” and “Law and Order: SVU,” films like “The Rebound” starring Catherine Zeta­Jones, and commercials for brands including Gatorade. His next major role will be opposite James Franco and Jonah Hill in the motion picture “True Story,” which opens in theaters this spring. Ngo is currently working on “Three Rounds”, a feature­length documentary that chronicles his journey from Nigeria to the top of the boxing world.



Since leaving the ring, Ngo has parlayed his boxing experience into a thriving training enterprise, building an innovative and effective fitness system from the ground up. His unique melding of boxing, strength training, and cardio intervals provides stunning results, attracting a client list that reads like a who’s who of the NYC media and fashion industry elite (and when the most image­conscious people on earth trust you with their appearance, you’re definitely doing something right). Even the New York Post has caught wind of the buzz, naming Ngo one of “New York’s Hottest Trainers” in a recent feature. Nike has also taken notice, signing him as a chapter leader for its NIKE+NYC Training Program.


RAKA! Fitness

And now he is making his secrets available to the rest of us with the RAKA! fitness program. Set to heart­pounding African rhythms, RAKA! blends boxing moves, sports drills, and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to create a fun and effective full body workout. This one­of­a­kind training routine requires no weights or equipment and can be done anywhere from the park to a hotel room. Drawing on the training tools that make boxers the best conditioned athletes in the world, RAKA! provides a fast track to your best body ever. Classes are held exclusively at Peak Performance in NYC. Learn more at www.rakafitness.com.



A Nigerian-­American of Ibo descent, Ngo spent sixteen years of his early life in the Ibo speaking region of Nigeria. While he has since relocated to New York, the country of his heritage has never left his heart—and this is why he created the Champion Spirit Foundation. This charity provides safe and positive facilities in Nigeria where young boys and girls can exercise and learn the art of boxing free of charge, with the goal of keeping them off the streets, teaching them the benefits of hard work, and raising their self­esteem. Learn more at http://www.championspirit.org/


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