Here I sit in my apartment or better yet, here I lay, on the couch, watching TV, movies and dozing off. The guilty pleasures of being stricken with the flu. My body continues to battle the  fever that threatens to take me. Just kidding. I’m speaking this way because I’ve been watching a ‘Game of Thrones’ marathon. Great show.

It’s 12:31am and it’s not July 4th anymore but these losers are still tossing out fire crackers. I don’t know about you, but it’s very difficult to tell the difference between firecrackers and gun shots. I sit back and try to visualize the faces of these idiots. Are they children gigling as they throw the firecrackers out of their window or are they extremely immature adult males I just don’t see girls or women doing this), wiping drool from their faces as they yell ‘cool’ while tossing firecrackers. It reminds of a scene in ‘Boogie NIghts’, where a little Asian party boy kept lighting and dropping firecrackers inside the house. So insane!

How dumb are these people? Do they not hear the noise that they are making? Maybe they are deaf. But then, isn’t there anyone in their family, a father, a mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, someone, anyone… with half of a brain to let them know how annoying it is. Maybe they’re high and are in desperate need of repeating a loud sound over and over and over again.

We may know the answers to these questions. But what we do know is that these people are utter and complete 4TH OF JULY IDIOTS


Ngo Okafor